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Dollars & Pounds has come a fair distance from our humble beginnings in a little 200 sq. ft. store in Gandhi Nagar, Adyar beginning in the year 2000. With South Chennai clamoring for more, we doubled our size to 400 sq. ft. at the same location in no time.

The store soon created a reputation that drew men from across Chennai and other Southern metros to get their dose of the edgy clothing and accessories that were on offer.

Having let this store simmer for a while and opening one similar-sized outlet on ECR, we consolidated our presence into one large flagship store spread over 5000 sq. ft. on Sardar Patel Road in 2006. Barely 500 meters away, as the crow flies, from our original location, D&P is now rocking more than ever before.

Come the summer of 2009, expect to see us in a much larger avatar, as we once again double the space, right where we are.